Build Environment

Build Environment #

Scratch3-Tello does not work only with the extension mechanism provided in Scratch. In fact, I’ve made changes to scratch-vm, scratch-gui, and scratch-desktop that make up Scratch.
The scratch3-tello repository contains the diffs of those changes made, file by file. Therefore, you cannot build just by cloning this repository.

Requirements #

  • wget
  • git
  • node.js
  • npm

Create a working folder #

$ mkdir scratch3-tello
$ cd scratch3-tello

Download the script to build the environment #

$ wget
$ chmod +x

Run the script to build the environment #

$ ./

Running will automatically clone scratch-vm, scratch-gui, and scratch-desktop and apply the diffs files managed by scratch3-tello repository.

Start Scratch3-Tello #

$ cd scratch-desktop
$ npm run build-gui
$ npm start

Make package #

$ cd scratch-desktop
$ npm run dist:dir