For macOS

For macOS #

Download #

Go to Releases on GitHub and download the file named

Extract #

Extract the downloaded zip file to a location of your choice.

Launch #

After connecting to Tello, launch, which is contained in the extracted folder.

For the first time only, due to a security feature of macOS, the application cannot be opened by double-clicking. You can open the file by holding down the Control key, clicking on the file, and selecting “Open” from the menu that appears.

launch on macOS

When launched, press the Extensions button in the lower left corner and click on the extension labeled “Tello”. A block for programming Tello will appear.

Troubleshooting #

If Tello does not take off after executing the takeoff block, it is possible that a command sent by another block is waiting to be executed. Executing the “Clear command waiting to be executed” block will solve the problem.